One piece of news that came out today was that Peter Fagernäs, Pertti Laine and Esa Karppinen are starting a new asset management company called Taaleritehdas. A bunch of private bankers from Madatum are joining the ride as well. Despite the name being rediculous, one could think can they really obtain a decent market share in our small market in Finland.  Taaleritehdas is probably focusing on high net worth individuals and they will certainly outperform those small companies consisting of door-to-door salesmen who call themself investment consultants, but the key question is can they compete with the bigger banks who offer comprehensive asset management services. 

Maybe the king idea is to profile as a Finnish service provider as EQ and FIM were recently sold to Iceland. Well, that sounds like a good idea but one could think the money flows there where the risk corrected return is highest regardless the nationality, at least it should do that. Who cares about the Finnish values anyway. 

Taaleritehdas surely gets a decent customer base due to founders' relationships and clients coming from Mandatum with the bankers but future growth will require better than industry average performance and mostly favorable market climate.